mercredi 26 mai 2010

00h01's Lyrics Available Here !!!

I met a man in his hand was swagger
His hand was the swagger
A four finger ring that read glamour
No hand out
No pander
S W A double G E R
With nike acgs on
Power glove down
Power pad up
On base like home stretch who on
Copped a new pair with the react juice
The gramamas
Get trampled
Fenchurch shades (movin on em)
Open night carburetor on mash
Open throttle engine intact
Cafe racer flash
50 cc pack

On On On On On

Aftermarket motor
Embedded tire odor
The freshest arrangement
Dont posture
You know us
This moniter wristwatch not for beginners
Right out the speakers
So disco
Models in the basement
Lets go whos car we takin
Out the window
Shifter car transmission cycle
45 vintage console
Quarter credit
Character selection appraisal
Like adolescent in true arcade mode

On On On On On

Alert cellstar brick phone
Like the pattern in the gumsole im on
Hat tilted
Content filter
Daisy chain glistening now they seem wilted
Like whyd they press him
Injected in the mold but came out impressive
Model easel was in his impression
Like footprints sand level without looking
Skate rink held down
Projectile at the podeum repelled now
Without the color romanticized
This is normal viewpoint
We dont have to lie
Unadulterated not rationalized
Yup yup yup im in here
Like 1 9 9
dual dual
decade tessarossa
not approach for the arbitrary
you already know what its
livewire third rail bullet train
in the club car thinking of a getawa
tiptronic voice activated rolling fortress(car)
to the arced castle
goons on the porches
in the mirror
ready to ride

High top jordans with the goose down
Hands mnemonic like im moving the interface
Canvas arm band swatch logo logo logo in the face
(that was my joint back in the day) (leaving with your dinner date)

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