mardi 28 décembre 2010

To begin, Can you tell us some informations about you. Your age, your story... Who are you ?

My name is Egil Ursin. Im 22 years old, and i come from the cold northern parts of norway so i have true viking blood in my veins. I've always been daydreaming nerdy guy who had alot of weird ideas and fantasies, as I played way to much videogames in my childhood.

Please explain us your musical way.

When i was a kid I used to be really annoying to my older brother and steal his Prodigy CD's from his room and attempt to play the super-castlevania tune on his casio-keyboard. When i grew older I used to mess around with drag-and-drop programs such as dance Ejay and Magix music maker, until a friend of mine thaught me how to use Fasttracker 2. At that time my electronic music-making was just a hobby, and I played in a bunch of hardcore-punk/metal bands before i decided that i wanted to pursue the world of electronic music. I first messed around with IDM music and released two albums on small local label, under the name «Julius Androide», and I created my own artwork for both of the releases. When you buy an album that you really like, and you sit down and look at the artwork while listening to the tunes, the artwork sort of marries to the music. I liked the idea of actively participating in what images the listener would get from listening to the tunes. Julius Androide grew old from me though, and i wanted to do something different after a while, which became «Out There».

What does "Out There" mean? Why did you choose this nickname ? 

I took it from a pretty obscure comic (not word for word mind you...) that I read when i was younger. Its a good name because it expresses mystery and adventure, yet its very open at the same time and people can come up with their own ideas about what it means, how it connects to my music.

When I discovered your music, I was very surprised. What's your influences? 

A lot of videogame music, mostly the stuff by Alexander Brandon and Robert A. Allen which worked mostly for the Epic Megagames in the 90's. A game company that made most of what i played as a kid. Lots of trackermusic, and 80-90's TV-series and movie soundtracks and of course the new nostalgic electronic music scene growing around the world right now! 

Your TOP TEN of the moment? 

(In no particular order)

VHS Head – Sunset Everett 

Hudson Mohawke – Ice Viper

Danger – 13H12 (you can find it on youtube!)

Renegade – Pursuit

Futurecop! - Transformers (Into the future)

Bag Raiders – Fun Punch

Cinnamon Chasers – You

Crystal Castles – Not in Love (feat. Robert Smith)

Toto – Africa

Next Life – Sol Blade

Few words come in my brain when i'm listening your tracks: Epic, energetic, travel, speed, chase, 80's and more... What's the message you want communicate?

I've always had this mysterious «feeling» in the back of my mind since i was a kid. Somekind of familiar yet unexplainable, vague feeling of melancholy and/or nostalgia, that would bring alot of images and music in my head.

There are certain games I played and TV-series i watched as a kid, that provoke that feeling in me, but also alot of stuff i see today, which I'm certain i never saw as a kid. I guess you could say its a deep excitement and love i had for all the cool things in the world when i was a kid.

When I started «Out There», I wanted to pull that feeling out of my head to study it more. I wanted to express that feeling. I want to bring people into that world and feel it too. This «feeling» is more like a backdrop though, so what I do in the «foreground» if you could say that, is to make music that emulate the experience of a kid. You could listen to the soundtrack of some games you played when you were a kid, but your experience of it now is not the same as then. So what I want to do is to illustrate how one remembers childhood was like, and not just make 80's 90's soundtrack-inspired music. «Out there» is about how it is to be an imaginative child back then, but also the melancholy nostalgic feeling that one is left with now, because this time will never come back.

Your favorite artists?? 

There's so many.... Danger, Kavinsky, Hudson Mohawke, Boards of Canada, VHS head, Bag Raiders, Crystal Castles, Everyone from the Valerie-community, Captain Credible, Next Life, Cinnamon Chasers, Fantomas, Renegade,The Locust, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Antony And the Johnsons, Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Keenhouse, The Knife, Major Lazer, Max Richter, Noisia, The Toxic Avenger, Venetian Snares, Roots Manuva. Owl Vision, Futurecop, Mylo... I think i'll just stop there...

I'm very restless to hear new tracks of you... What are you preparing??? Tracks ? Remix ?? EP ??? LIVE ???? Tell us all! 

I'm at an art-school right now, and have «Out There» as my main project, and I've been currently working mostly on visuals, but I'm working on some remixes too! A remix of More in Sorrow, a great indie band from Chicago, is soon to be released on Beatport!

I want to get some stuff released out there (pun intended), and i want to tour, so if YOU are a label, I'm interested.

You are young, how do you see the future for you? Music only or others things?

I want to do everything in the world at the same time, but I guess your focus has to be some place...! I want to expand and develop the world of «Out There», and at least feel «done» with it before i do something else. Only time can tell.

Too finish, Norway's girls are beautiful and what do you say for DANGERTIME READERS ????

Be yourself. Express yourself the way you want to. Don't waste your life trying to figure out what others want you to do. Remember the good times! Never grow up!

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